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TISSURA company in questions and answers

What is TISSURA?

For those who dictates fashion and creates a style, it is a chain of showrooms and fabric shops that has been presenting Haute Couture fabrics for almost 20 years on the world market.

For the leading European textile factories, TISSURA is a long-standing and reliable partner, treated with the utmost respect; TISSURA is one of the first companies to be offered new collections of fabrics.

And for those who just love beautiful and fashionable dresses – European Premium Fabric Boutique TISSURA represents a huge selection of fine fabrics and accessories. The Company is easily recognizable with its blue letters above the doors, forming the word TISSURA which has become one of the synonyms of the word “fashion”.

Why is European Premium Fabric Boutique TISSURA said to be “unique”?

For the 3 reasons, basically:

  1. Because in European Premium Fabric Boutique TISSURA the regular collections of fabrics are represented, sometimes even ahead of time.
  2. Because we have collected the masterpieces of modern textile production.
  3. Because only European Premium Fabric Boutique TISSURA can provide fabrics which are used in the designs of the world’s fashion houses.

How has TISSURA achieved such level of recognition and respect?

First of all, due to a sincere desire to be one of the pioneers of new fashion trends.

Second, due to honest and open partnership with its customers and suppliers based on respect and cooperation.

And also – thanks to the professionals who work in TISSURA company. After all, it is their hands that the history is being made with.

Finally, and perhaps the most important, why is it all happening in TISSURA?

Why are the fabrics selected at Premiere Vision, the world’s main textile exhibition? Why are unique TISSURA style designs created? Why are collections of accessories constantly renewed?

  • In order to give all the customers of TISSURA the opportunity to be ultra-fashionable,
  • to feel involved in the world of high fashion,
  • to create an image that might be ahead of its time.

TISSURA is the fabric company that is different from all others. With great respect and love it gives an opportunity to be different for everyone coming to its boutique.